Customer Personas When marketing an automotive product or service, it’s important to know who you are targeting before you create a campaign.  I’ve broken down the seven popular personas that I have personally encountered over the years being a part of  European car community. The Newbie Ages 16-25 New to  modding cars Just joined a […]

Facebook advertising is an excellent way to target your niche automotive enthusiasts. However, many marketers are simply not getting creative with their targeting their audiences. In the following post, I go over 8 ideas for targeting your niche automotive enthusiasts on Facebook. First Steps You will want to go into FB ad manager to get […]

Tips your business can follow while being an exhibitor or sponsor at car show. Preparation Preparation is key here. I like to use a Google Doc and have a checklist of items and somebody assigned to each task. Essentials to Pack Water Cooler Snacks Sunscreen Business cards Nice branded tent Anchors for tent Folding chairs […]

Marketing to car enthusiasts the right way can be very tricky.   For many enthusiasts, cars are are not only a hobby but a way of life.   These enthusiasts spend countless hours online discussing their cars. Where Do You Find These Car Enthusiasts and How Do You Connect With Them? We’ll start with the […]

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