Customer Personas

When marketing an automotive product or service, it’s important to know who you are targeting before you create a campaign.  I’ve broken down the seven popular personas that I have personally encountered over the years being a part of  European car community.

The Newbie

  • Ages 16-25
  • New to  modding cars
  • Just joined a FB car group
  • Uneducated on parts and cars in general
  • Doesn’t know how to search for information
  • Generally seeking cheaper parts (price sensitive)
  • Goes with what they read on the internet


The Seasoned Veteran

  • Ages 25-35+
  • Brand loyal
  • Jaded, has seen it all
  • DIY or die
  • Still posting on forums regularly
  • Willing to purchase quality parts the first time around
  • Younger people in “the scene” seek their approval and guidance

The Scene Kid

  • Ages 18-25
  • Bags/Stance Yo
  • Brand loyal
  • Visual mods over performance “ruins cars”
  • Spreads the word of whatever they see/hear on the internet w/o firsthand experience
  • Spends $1500 on wheels outfitted with the cheapest tire they can find.
  • Into audible and visual mods – i.e. exhaust, CAI, Splitters, etc
  • Seek approval and attention from other enthusiasts

The Scene Kid That Wants To Go Fast

  • Ages 18-25
  • Lives at home and has a low paying hourly job or student
  • Has very little bills or responsibilities
  • Willing to throw large sums money at projects
  • Wrenches at home with buddies
  • Has a never-ending project car
  • Image and reputation in the scene are important
  • Goes cheap at first then realizes go big or go home


The Grown-Up Enthusiast

  • Ages 25+
  • Grown out of or not interested in “The Scene”
  • Wants do things right the first time
  • Can afford to pay for quality parts
  • Has established career and good income
  • Value performance over scene points
  • Reliability is key
  • Knowledgeable about cars and parts
  • Passionate about cars but other hobbies/family/career take precedence
  • Heavily researches products and brands before purchase
  • Will DIY smaller jobs and pay shops for larger ones


The “Semi-Enthusiast”

  • Ages 30+
  • Enjoys and appreciates cars
  • Willing to do mild mods such as a tune, wheels, exhaust
  • Professional who doesn’t have time to research parts
  • Not on FB Groups or Forums
  • Has disposable income
  • Takes advice from media and their shop

The Playboy

  • Ages 20+
  • Has or portrays to have endless supply of money
  • Seeks attention and wants to be seen
  • Wants the only the best for their vehicles



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